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Last Breath

This song is by Vinnie Paz and appears on the album God of the Serengeti (2012).

I'm living on my last breath
Hit a fork in the road
And the devil occupies both lanes
Stumble as I back step
Feel the pressure on my soul as the air's leaving out my frame
Now breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
I'm living on my last breath
It's all final when it's final when you fade into a blacked-out dream

(Chris Rivers)
Until my last breath
I hope my heart's been fully accessed
Pass this to my regrets:
"I hope you're all in past tense"
Married a girl with accent
Carried this world's axis
Make some major changes and some statements till I'm ashes
And placed in hourglasses
So you could turn me upside down and watch as time passes
Drugs are bad habits, Before I'm in that casket
And that happiness I'm searching for, I hope I grasp it.
I hope I fully grab it and never take for granted
All the luxury things in life; and still believe in magic
Look back on all my fans and know I made them track hits
And I hope I never look for love, I hope that it just happens
And if I have kids I hope that it was stressful
But worth it in the end because they all became successful
And I hope my last breath was something truly breathful
But worse, I could've said much more before I died and left you

(Vinnie Paz)
Until my last breath
I'll have death before dishonour
I welcome drama
With open arms and holding a llama
My whole persona is vodka bottles and marijuana
The hope in Nana was rocking, inspired from my momma
I'm a warrior, I went into jail for the drama
I'm the story of the terrorist cell of Osama
I wanna never have birth and fail as a father
I would never want the illness that killed in my nana
The half-moon on the bank of the river's devotion
That's the stab wound born from the killer emotion
I was enraged by darkness, militant motion
I was embraced by the thought of distilling the ocean
I would never question the power of God' pain
Until I saw his body; the colour of dark rain
He recited the third chapter, Allah name
And he ignited the third chapter, Allah flame

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