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This song is by Vinnie Paz and appears on the album God of the Serengeti (2012).

(Verse 1: Vinnie Paz)

A knife in my palm, sharper than a sniper in Nam
Righteous Islam, a hypocrite that fight to be calm
My life is just torn, bipolar, icy and warm
My life in a song, the reason why the Vicodin gone
A bison is born, army of God, Michael is born
The Uranium fission secret of the hydrogen bomb
The Bible is gone, y'all are watching a viking perform
And the 9 milli loud so the silencer's drawn
I'm live from the war, I don't believe in crying at all
I'm a manic depressive, never get excited at all
I'mma live forever, don't believe in dying at all
I was born peaceful, I was never violent at all
Then my father died, that was like a knife through my core
Any love I had inside me not alive anymore
Lion of war, Joseph Dredd, I am the law
I'm the reason faggot rappers can't thrive anymore

(Hook: DJ Eclipse)

Class is in session, so you can stop guessing
Who the fuck I be (Boxcutter Pazzie)
Focus, on what has to be done
Son, you know where I come from (Philly)

(Verse 2: Vinnie Paz)

My little man will blow your face off
I flatten out bodies, I ain't talking about a race horse
Murder every rapper then I break off
Scheming on this motherfucking money, Bern Madoff
Y'all was always pussies so stay soft
The only time beef is mentioned around me is for steak sauce
I work harder than y'all, it's no days off
The knife work scratch and cut you up like Main Source
My fam walk around with hawks on them
Big motherfuckers, infrared dots on them
And ain't a motherfucker that can box with them
Razor under the tongue and keep an ox with them
Hardbody rap, God of the Serengeti
I'm a sinner, I'm the God of the seven deadly
Everything I do hard and it's legendary
I spit sixteen bars and you dead and buried

(Hook: DJ Eclipse)

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