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Path to Incineration

This song is by Vile and appears on the album Depopulate (2002).

(Lyrics: Urteaga Music: Davis)

Manipulation - by the hands of oppression that grab a hold
They have no choice but to die
1000 years of pain - their sentence penned in blood

Denied - all means of escape are futile
They're left to perish, to rot upon their own waste
To see their own destroyed and watch them die
Before their eyes

The crusher hammer of oppression fails
Justified genocide
Dark angel of death descend
Warm rivers of blood will flow

Black winds of war bring tragedy
Ripping children from their families
Gathered up like criminals
Sent away never to return

Into a structure - conceived of death
A man made - killing machine

The bodies pile up to the sky
A massive sea of unending graves
Dark angel of war descend
Cold rivers of blood still flow, and they flow!

Disincarnate their skulls
Let maggots consume
Incineration of corpses
Their bodies turn to dust
Asphyxiation - a new way to kill
Poisoned by gasses - their lungs collapse

One by one they watch them drop like flies
One by one they see them... BURN!

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