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Eat the Rude

This song is by Vile and appears on the album Depopulate (2002).

(Lyrics: Urteaga Music: Davis)

He eats the flesh
Of those who are so rude
Ingenious mind that preys upon
The essence of the soul
Insane with serpent senses
No feelings no emotions
Capture your thoughts
Then turns you against yourself

A monster evolved
His power is his mind
Uses his knowledge to entangle in webs
Searching for mercy theirs none in his eyes
De-bowled and hung
Feed your face to the dogs!

Bowels in bowels out?

(Solo AA)

Take a look in his palace of thought
Deep within the pit of his mind
Lies disturbing thoughts of malevolent nature
A blackened heart so impure

Blackened heart torturing souls
Hunter of humans devouring life

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