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This song is by Vile and appears on the album Depopulate (2002).

Inject beliefs, infect their breed
Depopulation of the weak!
Centuries pass, open the land that's bound to us by blood
Overtake, dominate, annihilate
Disintegrate their way of life
Cast away towards the sea and leave them there for dead

Black clouds of misfortune
Cast shadows of war and catastrophe
Systematic removal of masses
Condemned forever to exile

Their withering bloodline lost
Coming closer to extinction
Evolutionary theory of power
The strong shall inherit the land

Impaled on stakes
Their wretched bodies burnt alive
The air is thick with burning flesh
Hunt down their spawn
Killing all those who resist

Begging, crying, gasping, crawling
No one here escapes their fate
Begging for their final breath, they die

Their cities burn in a massive conflagration
The flames of hate are burning higher
Eternal world domination
Endless years of pain and suffering

The sky parts as the gates of Hell swing open
Unleashing the wrath and fury
And reduce this race to ashes
Reclaim our territory

Now this land belongs to us
Destroy their past and reconstruct
Their cities lay in ruins
Littered by carcasses of those who opposed

Crush the opposition
Smash them down into the ground, they have no hope
Total incineration
To cleanse our land of filth and their tainted blood
In vain they scream, no escape

Depopulate this land
It shall belong to us
Depopulate this land
A massive exodus



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Lyrics by:

Urteaga, Davis

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