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This song is by Vile and appears on the album Depopulate (2002).

(Lyrics: Urteaga, Strong Music: Davis, Strong)

Sadist in disguise of a healer
Claiming mircales and lies of the truth
Takes the afflicted and desperate for healing
Submitting them to unnecessary surgery

Prepared to lay bare the soul
Quick slice through the bone
No knowledge of science or reason
To strip the pain away
Carelessly infect the incisions
As he lacerates the organs
Draining their blood away

Naive victims of ignorant ways
Betrayed by the healer himself
Afflicted by torturous suffering
He tears them limb from limb
Hideous disfigurement
No anesthesia to numb the pain
Hacking and bleeding a cure for the common cold

As they lay there dying
He takes them for all that their worth
They watch in horror
While they drown in a pool of their blood

Frozen Carcass hanging on meat hooks
Overcome by the mutilation
Butcher. Healer. Sadist. Meat hooks.

(Solo AA)

Butcher. Healer. Sadist

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