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Open Mic Nite, Pt. 2

This song is by Viktor Vaughn and appears on the album Vaudeville Villain (2003).

It's v what the heck?
Y'all know who's the best, might as well cut the check
They didn't know the face, but by the name they knew him
Racist against rappers, thay all look the same to him
They used to beg him not to egg them on halloween
Told them holler back w/ the suede pumas, dollar green
Y'kna mean? heated up to the temperature tar boil
Y'all just gawk like gargoyle
Mind your manners- or be r.i.p.
Local bartenders call him barfly V
He used they CDs as coasters, harassed their street team
And graffitied up their posters
Don't appear too drunk
Or let a stare turn into a "yeah, you- punk!"
Told the host "make sure he last, yo"
Any other order might be a fiasco
Weed flow like cash flow
On the first of the month
For broke n***as that's thirst for the blunt
He kept a pocket full of poseys
Always had a rocket, why's she so nosey?
Looking at my Seiko, it's about to be Waco
And it won't be televised and you can make sure
Turn jake to bacos
Money over snakes hoes

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