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Lactose and Lecithin

This song is by Viktor Vaughn and appears on the album Vaudeville Villain (2003).

Dean Stockton and Boris:
Hello I'm Dean Stockton of Eastern State University in America, and I'm prepared to offer you a full science scholarship
(Viktor used the college, used its modern scientific equipment to conduct strange, forbidden experiments)

Viktor Vaughn:
Somewhere out in cop killing Queens
Where bodeans stop limousines and niggas flee the scene
Somebody on his back bleeding vest all cracked up
(Freeze clown, officer down, request for back up)
Listen dude don't get me misconstrued as a sniper
It's V. Vaughn not to be confused with V la viper
Or either Peter Parker or either Peter Piper
A seed the type to pee the diaper blame it on the wiper
It's really not your concern why I got the knife sir
He suggest remain calm let's not get, no
Slash his windpipe he had them type of eyes
He might be still alive, how you get this thing to hyperdrive?
Oh, give my props to the shooter
Prices at a all time low in the future
Something like fourteen, they must be on horse pills
O T and zero three to re-up on force fields
At that cost, deal, he plotted the coordinates
Two thousand three rental tie upper west side more or less
This thing be buggin' like a celly frontin'
Now who the hell is honey with the slug in her belly stuntin'?
You ain't have to tell V nothing, trust him
It really ain't no time for discussion
He'll be back in '93 press of a button and they busted in
His first impulse was to smack the dirt
All four wore plain clothes and lumberjack shirt
Recognize one face from school six degrees ago
He'd snuff him in his braces just to switch the station to BGO
He kept a punch line every lunch break lunch time
And this is no time to pump fake it's crunch time
The same split second they let off the toast
That's when he hit the speed dial and sped off ghost
I know those cats don't like V
And if they took my head off they'd get off most likely
And probably thought the time gizmo was my wallet
And hit the hills forty more times on some foul shit
Pick a crime he was out in the nick of time
To get paid another day and live to kick a sicker rhyme
For iller, it's like Miller malt liquor time
Uptown finery where it's probably not best to flaunt
Everyone's your best friend, V steps into the restaurant
"My friend," he said, "You must be psychic"
(What's the price of fourteen, it's real you like it)
Huh, be back at night, the fourteen G pack was really packed tight
But back at the lab he found that the Sleestak was right
Not only was it three cracks light but too white
The test show lactose, anbesol, lecithin
Five types of aspirin and other kinds of medicines
Next time I'll bring my men who speak Mexican
And let the Techs spin, make 'em contact the next of kin
The whole thing is mostly lactose
Lecithin and some type of aspirin, anbesol medicine

Damn fucker
Let's go get 'em men

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