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Black Cloud O'er Me

This song is by Vigilantes Of Love and appears on the album Audible Sigh (1999).

Original video
Well I've got things in this suitcase I'm carrying
Well I've got things some of them you can't see
And the others let's pretend they're of no consequence
Yeah I've always had this black cloud over me
When the ground you stood upon is giving way
Under the rip tide and flood of a cold sea
Yeah and your heart keeps making tracks to where it shouldn't be going back
Yeah I've always had this black cloud over me
Yeah and pride she's a pit of many snakes
And reason well she's still the devil's whore
Though the cannon ball may fly and the sabres baptize
Well turn the eyes of faith upon the Lord
And some will shake off the sloth of faithlessness
While others simply languish in their sleep
Me I just fight to stay awake
Yeah I've always had this black cloud over me

Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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