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In My Arrival

This song is by Vienna Teng.

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I am not your angry servant
I am not your wasted time
Give me all that you've been given
And I'll stand to speak your mind
But I have turned away from you
Turned far away from it all
And in my arrival
Triumphant in this crowded hall

I am not your spotlight haven
I am not your passionate voice
Lived the moments all may covet
And I stand to make that choice
Now impatient so you watch me
So now you want to shake my hand
I am left silent here
Trying so hard to understand

Who you are
And who you are in me
Are you my welcome home
My rusted key
This much I'll know
Who you are
And who you are in me

I am not your wrong direction
I am not your free at last
Will you hail this generation
We're all moving much too fast
The colors bleed and I falter
Reading my history out loud
I can't make out the pictures
I cannot be too proud
To hold on, to hold on...

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