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II Ice Age

This song is by Vicious Alliance and appears on the EP Crushed By The System (2008).

Nature screams for its release
From the torture of winter's grasp
I can't see anything
The whole world is frozen fast

It was not what they intended
And only time will tell
White dust choked out our sunlight
And plunged our world straight into hell

Can you feel the chill in the air?
It fills my heart with such despair
I'll never see the sun again
And everything I know will die

Can you see the snow in the skies?
It fills my head with all of its lies
I'll never see the sun again
And I can't believe in hope

I never dreamed it would be so cold
Seeing cities buried underneath the snow
Howling winds of a nuclear rage
This is the dawning of a second ice age

Before I never wished I could die
Until I saw yellow clouds frozen in the sky
There is nowhere we can run away
Welcome to the second ice age

We are the children of the snow
And we shall die in the icy glow
The spring has long since been forgot
Atomic age of a winter rot

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