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Twelve Johnnies

This song is by Vic Chesnutt and appears on the compilation album Left To His Own Devices (2001).

One johnny went to the newlywed school.
One Johnny did a (mike landry?)
One Johnny went to the ice cream shop, to have a fit in the pantry.
Go Johnny go, go Johnny go.

One Johnny went in the factory flame
One Johnny did all his laundry
One hippie Johnny, (rented a ball?)
Blew out what was his Johnny?
Go johnny go, go johnny go

One Johnny did just what he could do
One Johnny did some of everything
One Johnny did some (dead little man ?)
Who just stepped foot in his driveway
Go Johnny go, go johnny go

One Johnny was a foxy little number
One Johnny he was a shy one.
One Johnny he grew nectarines,
Decided today just to bite one
Go Johnny go, go Johnny go.

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