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This song is by Vic Chesnutt and appears on the album North Star Deserter (2007).

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It ain't over till it's over
Just like some joker said
When it's over it is done
And when it's done, it's as good as dead

When it's good, it sure is good
Yes, and when it's good, it's great
When it's great, it's oh so wonderful
But when it ain't, it ain't

It sucks when it's over
And you can't get it back
Why do we all want to
Like a pack of necrophiliacs

When the fat lady sings
It's all been sung
Collect up your belongings
And clear the auditorium

It was fun while it lasted, yes it was
It was fun while it lasted
Now it's all turned to dust
It was fun while it lasted, I must say
It was fun while it lasted
Now it's all blown away

Everything blows away someday
Everything turns to dust
Big ol' mountains do
As well as everyone of us
And I love the dust

Written by:

Vic Chesnutt

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