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Mr. Reilly

This song is by Vic Chesnutt and appears on the album Little (1990).

Well there's a Mr. Reilly who swears
That in Baton Rouge Louisiana,
They don't care about, his philosophy
He swears that any time in Baton Rouge
Everything is the same

Well we stared into the cup,
But we could not see the bottom
He was drinking muddy water
As a river deep
A cup a day to curb visibility
All those nasty notions go away

Well had you heard the news
About Joan our ex-newspaper girl?
They found her swinging from a tree
And I know
Just a week ago, she was beautiful
But now now now she's rather vile
They found her by the frozen lake,
But it wasn't frozen enough to skate
And by the look on her face,
It must've been awful tempting
They found her in her skates
She was the coldest cadaver in the state
And look at the lake
Not even the ducks are resting on it

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