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In My Way, Yes

This song is by Vic Chesnutt and appears on the album Silver Lake (2003).

Do you think it makes a difference?
I say yes

Taking my time
Working on lines
Fingers in clay
Head in the clouds
Moving my mouth
Spreading the grout
That's holding it down
Do you think it makes a difference?
I say yes in my life yes
Cuddling up
Declarations of love
Squeeze and a hug
A kiss and a rub
Faces opposed
Eyelids closed
Nuzzling nose
Like eskimos

Don't'cha' feel silly?
I say no with my love no

I never ever thought
I'd ever have a life like this
I never dreamed
I'd be alive
I never considered
Such as these surroundings
Effectually pulling it off
Watching the cops go by
Seeing a falcon fly
Reading a history book
Wetting a tiny hook
Driving fast all night
Bursting into song at first light
Sharing breakfast from one plate
Holding hands over loved ones graves
Do you think you deserve it
I say yes in my way yes

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