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This song is by Vic Chesnutt and appears on the album North Star Deserter (2007).

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I am a stranger
Lurking alone in my own vicious wilderness
While the meat in my chest
Squeezes and teases a hulking hunger

Groping in motion
Balance is but a shimmering notion
And lurching compelled my soul in its special hell
Of wet mortal limits perpetually thirsting

But I bask in a beautiful byproduct
From twisting torque of dichotomy
What my eyes do see
In this spilling, dead wicked desert
It dances
Born of babble
Is now raison d'etre for the rabble

I sing my soul with tongue
A sword in the sunlight
Thrashing and flashing

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh

Written by:

Vic Chesnutt / Jeff Mangum

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