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This song is by Vic Chesnutt and appears on the compilation album Left To His Own Devices (2001).

Not the way it used to be, but it was never a perfect deal.
Fish outta water is all you need
Internal combustion is bustin' my balls, taking my eyesight away.
Throwing darts at a dartboard, slinging slobber across a hall.
Opening a leather-man? To wrench out an inner demon.

Double dutch bus is coming down the street, stopping at the homes of all your enemies (x3)

And the spotlight is hot, and it'll burn your fingers!
And dry rot can get under trapeze swings.
Hollow as a plaster thing, sitting on a radiator.
And toxic as a brass ring.
Soft sung I'll be fascinating, the loquacious waitress made us leave.
Daddy needs no more grief,
Little darling fell off the roof.

Oh jack snapped into sharper focus, slicing myopic fungus away. Double dutch bus etc. x3.

And the spotlight is hot and it'll burn your fingers! And dry rot will
Get under trapeze swings.

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