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​Dream X: Parallel Mind

This song is by Via Mistica and appears on the album Under My Eyelids (2006).

And what if I lie?
What if I'm cheating?
I have no conviction
That me is me

I have a strange feeling
That in my body
There are two different

I have a strange feeling
That someone is
Still behind and inside

Should I be grateful?
Should I be afraid?
Should I be safe now?
Or should I be mad?

I hear you still inside of me
I can't stand it anymore
Even in my dreams you come
And your black smile torments me
Still in my head together
You and me here forever
Like heeled wounds
On my wrists

Always two steps behind me
I feel your breath on my back
If I turn away, you disappear
So I never see your face

I know you watch me
But I watch you too
You won't escape me this time
I'll see your astonished face