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Dream IX: Dance Macabre

This song is by Via Mistica and appears on the album Under My Eyelids (2006).

In the pageant of death
Walking in the forefront
Blood-stains on my dress
Stone-dead body dressed to kill
While dancing madly
I'm wringing my hands
Frown on my face
Tearing my hair

The corpses' caravan
Still walking on and on
Heedles and reckless
Bodies without souls
Our doomed'n'tragic dance
Beggars' carnival
Empty bloodless faces
Dub toothless mocking grins

I am the cold wind on your face
I am a moment, a while
Some of you want me to never come
Some are begging me to show
You live just like I've never existed
You think you can cheat your destiny
But it's already known
That I'll meet all of you

So how could I prepare
Not to be a coward
And what can I do
Not to feel a fear

It's your duty to wait
Not to turn away your eyes
From cruelty of life
And my peaceful hand

How to be brave
When you look
Into my eyes
And say: "Come"?

I put my fingers on your eyes
You forgive all your sorrows
I cross the line of your life
You finish all your trips
Remember: You are not the only one
I am not the only one

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