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Rolling Sea

This song is by Vetiver.

Wouldn't you like to be
Out on the rolling sea
With only the sky above you for a roof

What if you're friends were there
Laughing all your jokes and chill
Sweet soft air within you, Wouldn't that be good?

You know it never would

Wouldn't you like to find
Yourself there sometime
Ducking when the bow swings your way

Whenever we make plans
You tell me you're a busy man
That you'd go but you really should stay

Someday soon you'll say...

Nothing escapes the rolling sea
Not the past nor you or me

You keep the world at bay
Should it all wash away
You wouldn't feel no pain of losing kind
Gather the boat and wind and a few of your closest friends
Gonna ride and swim while the weather's high

Oh it's been such a long time.


Written by:

Andy Cabic

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