Veruca Salt:Forsythia Lyrics

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Veruca Salt
This song is performed by Veruca Salt and appears on the album American Thighs (1994).
Yellow baby, Yellow baby is a bad sign.
But i don't mind, I Don't mind

Ohhhhhhhohhhh Forsythia

Spidermonkey, spidermonkey is a good lie.
But i don't know why.

Ohhhhhhohhhh Forsythia ooohhhhhhhhh

I don't mind sitting in the way way back
I don't mind ..lying to my friends

One thing about Forsythia
she comes around and i get lost
against her yellow, I'm no longer meeee

Yellow daisy, a dandelion or a pussywillow, it's a different thing

oooooohhhh forsythia, forsythia, forsythiaaa

one thing about forsythia,
she comes around and i get lost
Against her yellow i'm no longer me

one thing about forsythia
there's one thing about forsythiaa

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