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Radar Follows You

This song is by Versus and appears on the album Two Cents Plus Tax (1998).

You come to life in the summer
Stretching your toes in the sand
Jump in the water but don't hold your breath
Feel like your cheating death
Standing on your hands
You are a shipwreck, got no one to trust
Scraping off the rust

Pining for love in the morning
You're suicidal by nightfall
Lost on the fringes of regular life
We are living together
And we're worlds apart, yeah
Sneak out the door but wherever you go
Radar follows you

You need a reason to wake up
Kool-Aid therapy
Now you are swallowed by the foaming sea
Do you remember me?
Who else can you trust?
Scraping off the rust
Wherever you go, yeah
Radar follows you

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