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​In The Dead Of Winter

This song is by Vergelmer.

I walked through virgin snow
My soul is lost
There is no way out

The cold winds bites my naked skin
(I know my time has come)
But death I fear not

Dying is just a passage
To eternal life
To live immortally

Crawling naked through
Endless deserts
Of ice and snow

I can not stand this pain
These storms so cold

Peeling the skin from my body
O Satan
Take me

Have mercy on my soul
And set me free
I've lived long enough
Please let me join thee

The snow is blinding my eyes
I can no longer see

I lay my head down on the ice
And let the snow
Cover me

I feel so weak
I can no longer breath

I see no light
Ah, Satan
Take me!

I feel no more pain
I am frozen still
No more fear

On my way, homeward
Under the wings
Of Lucifer

I can see the darkness
I have been set free

I am no longer mortal
I live eternally
I leave the dead of winter
I leave you all behind
I leave to meet my master
And all the dark I find