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The Meeting

This song is by Veni Domine and appears on the album Material Sanctuary (1995).

That night the rain was falling
Or was it just my tears
Voices outside my window
From ancient years
So tired by my wisdom
Lost with a weary soul
I saw my life so wasted
All my dreams were dole
I saw the crown was lost in my search for gold
I wished the rain could cleanse my soul but
Nothing seemed to help me
In the rain I stood there lonely
Searching for salvation
"Come, come"
There I was waiting for the storm
I was waiting for the meeting
Then I felt the presence of someone so close
He spoke to me in languages I never heard before
Looked at me with eyes
That were healing my wounded soul
Everything around me was trembling by his grace
There I was in the middle of a storm
There I saw the meaning of it all
"All my life I carried the burdens upon my shoulders
In pride I threw away all invitations of life eternal"
That night the wind was speaking
It was the spirits call
Saw life from a new dimension
With the wisdom of a child
He showed me that once were hidden
From a sinners eyes
There is a road for me to walk and,
Yes, I stood there waiting
"Come, come"
There I was ready for the storm
I was ready to receive
There I was ready for the storm
I was ready for the meeting

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