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Blood Brother's Fight

This song is by Veni Domine.

Hundreds of thousand of warriors march
Lies-hiding promises of great treasures
Death is riding at their side
and grinding their cold steel
He's covering the truth
This is Blood Brothers' Fight
Just one blow and the fight is begun
They don't understand the blood
they spill is just the same
They are blinded by a lie
They don't know even why
so many men must die
This is Blood Brothers' Fight
Oh father, fighting once again
but this time our swords are crossed
We are face to face
I've learned that Victory
is much stronger than blood ties
So now one of us must die!
(guitar solo)
They don't understand
the blood they spill is just the same
They don't know why
so many men are meant to die
This is the great Blood Brothers' Fight
(guitar solo)
Hundreds of thousands of warriors have died
Darkness is falling on the battle ground
No one is left alive today
to say 'never again'
to spread around the tale
The Tale of Blood Brothers' Fight

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