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​You Will Bow

This song is by Vengeance Rising and appears on the album Destruction Comes (1991).

Let's think about

Let us now think, for a moment about we of Israel
And are you one of us, here is how you can tell
In your life, if you daily to the throne do bring
Your living sacrifice, and allegiance to the King
More than just some word, and perfect I know far from we are
But yet you desire to be in His will, and His word and to Him

You Will Bow

But now, there's another side, a thought that's not so cool
There are those of you, who play the satanic fool
You mock and curse, and think that you will get away
But you will have to face the fact the scripture states, and it is

You Will Bow

Turn now, because you will soon have to anyway
As to your savior or your judge, and you'll obey
Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord
To His Holy righteousness you see, one way or another
Don't forget