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The Wrath To Come

This song is by Vengeance Rising and appears on the album Once Dead (1990).

There is a point, that is very clear
A wrath is coming, in judgement near
7 Seals and 7 Trumpets
7 Bowls in the Prophecy

You are on a crash course with Eternity
We persuade you, be reconciled
The sons of disobedience
Will give account

Over and over, the scripture warns
And warnings are because people care
The penalty never ends

Violence with vicious intent
The destruction, it will never end
You can escape the wrath to come
By believing in Jesus Christ the Son

And to the Priests, redeem the time
Warning every man, they cannot see they're blind
The time is limited
Don't die a pointless life lived

That which you do, matters for eternity
You were left here, to warn the world to flee
And if like with Noah, they won't listen
Their blood be upon their head

Lord is not slack, as some count slackness
No wanting you to perish, but that you might repent
Let him who has ears hear

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