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You Should Be on Fat

This song is by Venerea and appears on the album Out In The Red (2003).

My balls they itch, and I'm too fat to scratch
Aw man, ain't life a bitch, with a fat moustache
Tickles my scrotum, but it won't make me cum
No, it won't make me spray, but it won't go away

I can't change my underwear, dunno what I'd find down there
Maybe dickcheese, maybe poo, and if it's cheese, it's blue
I would like to feel my dong, but my arms are not that long
And my foreskin is too snug for that wiener-finger hug

You should be on fat
You should be on fat
They keep telling me
You should be on fat

My balls they itch, and I'm too fat to scratch
Could be the crabs that hatch down in my pubic thatch
No, I know it's no creep, cause it would have to sleep
And it's jock around the clock and it's spreading to my...

I don't wanna see the doc 'cause it's too embarrassing
I would have to spill the beans and tell him everything
On a search for navel lint under all thatfat
I'd lift, I'd clench, I'd squint, and pulled out a wooly hat

I should be on fat

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