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​Road to Never

This song is by Venerea and appears on the album Losing Weight, Gaining Ground (2000).

You're so right, it's true, what being free can do to you
It's such a hit ... yes, Miss, you're right, nothing's quite like this
You make me listen hard, I sit and stare
But even Godot knows this nowhere
And on a dull/dole day I can see forever ... here I go again
Keep me on line 'cause I'm falling apart (start it up)
How nice ... so this is my life:
Big plate of air with nothing on the side

Anonther day of Q&A (queue'n'nay)
How'm I spose to keep to keep my mind at bay?
I heard them say "We'll put you life on the lin, boy" parBut
They forgot to put the line on the lifebuoy
And I don't git it for the life of me, I'm drowning in the redundancy

See me going down (repeat chorus)