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​Mysterious Mike

This song is by Venerea and appears on the album Both Sides Burning (1997).

There's this guy I know
He's been to some of our local shows
In bloody clothes
He's a psycho
He's got this whim:
Wants us to write a song about him
And simsalabim this is it

Do it one more time for me
Did they know when your head
Hit the cement, Mikey?
Do it one more time for me
Did they know how it set you free?
Will they ever let you be?

There he was
A normal guy
Just like you and me
But when the music started
He turned out to be a psycho
He lives down the coast
And this guy wouldn't boast
But he's worth a toast
And a whole lot more

He's a mystery to me
But I wish I could be
Like Mikey
Mike's a stagediver
I know it's true
I've seen him black and blue
Sitting in an ambulance
He was so proud
So proud