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​I'm Not

This song is by Venerea and appears on the album Both Sides Burning (1997).

I don't believe you
You twist the truth
When you speak
Of my intelligence
You'd better make amends
Take it back
I won't exemplify
The vile lies
I know you told about me
During that time
I thought you were my friend
You and I were inseparable
But now you have become
Totally unacceptable
And I'm still harmless
As a cloud
But I'm not insane
Don't you call me mad
I warn you

I'm not

When we first met
You said you thought
I was the most clever
Guy you know now I don't know
What I've done wrong
What did I do?
Just 'cause I eat some squirrel meat
Now and again
Doesn't mean that I have
A faulty brain
Don't call me stupid

I'm not