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Bewitched Craft

This song is by Venenum.

Towards the forest of corpsetrees
I follow the call from the masters of death
Magister dixit - memento mori
While I descry the haze of the pest

Beyond the shades of headstones
It conceals something unspeakable
Peripteral scattered bones
Lunatic hunt of "them" ...the invisible

Luna plena may fade into obscurity
Black blood soaks this sacred soil
Throughout the nocturnal opacity
Underneath is where they stroll

To perish by the ultimate purpose
Restless longing for the final sign
The turning point is what emerges
Which is the key to the inverted incarnation

Come forth, nachzehrer
This is the night of nights
Flittermice - occult - cynthia
Bring the witching hour sacrifice

By reaching the tremendous climax
The unknown yet have carved
Forever in eternal darkness
It shall be witchcraft

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