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This song is by Velour and appears on the album Undress Your Alibis (2007).

There at the stairs
I got aware I had no words left to hide in
No no movies left to die in
Oh, no

No faces left
For crying

Ay, don't you dare
To curl up on me now
She said
I know the face
I know your ways
I know your kind
I know you're leaving

Well don't you know that I notice
All the cards you dropped in my way

I used to be Bbc
Long before you met me
If you want to fell the Bbc
Feel free to take a walk with me

I'm on the floor
I was before the music blew away the fences
And senses, oh...

Flew out the door

Into the streets
And into a car
Beggin' the driver to crank up the track
And I know I will be back

It's just a matter of walking
Let the (?) be drawn by your feet

I used to be Bbc
Long before she met me
If you want to feel the Bbc
Let's take a walk and tell me what you see

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