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I'm Not Lars Ulrich

This song is by Vargskelethor.

There's a really cool guy on YouTube that I love
All my Bandcamp stuff is available on YouTube, uploaded by him
But he's also monetized all my content
Now, I don't have copyright on my songs so I can't do anything
But I can write this song to tell everyone what a shithead he is

I'm not Lars Ulrich
I'm not really rich
I think it's really cool of you
To profit of my songs you stupid bitch

Why do you put ads
On all my fucking songs
I really like that the part
Where putting ad fly links
Is "supporting us"

Lets see if you've got the fucking balls to upload this song
Do it

See what other artists do they just take down stuff through their label
But I don't have one
And I don't have copyright shit
So what I'll do instead is write a song to personally say
Fuck you

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