Vanna:This Map Is Old News Lyrics

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This Map Is Old News

This song is by Vanna and appears on the album Curses (2007).

I dont
Love what ive done
All these months of wear
I dont know where I was
And now
At this anchor like an altar
I tie and tie and tie
If this never ends
At least ill stay alive
Learn to forgive myself
Now press west
Cover your footsteps
Climb your hill
Like a mountain
You are not a wall on which I lean

I am not the man you thought I was
Is there more to this than what I see
Ive been wandering
And for this I ache I should have told you
I loved you back
This wasnt a dream
Set adrift
Ill advised ill equipped
Sleep safe
Thinking well
We can only hope he makes it
We can only hope
He makes it somewhere