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My Name

This song is by Vanilla Ninja and appears on the album Love Is War (2006).

We're sitting here like strangers,
What is left to say,
I used to know you off by heart.
Hanging out on this cold day,
The rain drives me out,
I haven't seen you here for five or so years.
Sitting next to me,
I'm trying to find the spark.

Chorus: Oh, come and say my name,
The way you used to all those years ago.
I know you,
There's a smile on my face,
Every time I memorise those days.
Come and say my name.

What have you been up to?
Still wear that ring?
The one I got you years ago.
I feel no remorse,
It's how it had to be,
We changed, too late, found someone who takes care of me,
Sitting next to me,
Is a hologram of us.


Come and say my name.

Time has past,
What we had,
Bringing up pictures in my head.

Oh, come and say my name,
The way you used to all those years ago.


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