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This song is by Vangough and appears on the album Between The Madness (2013).

Walking out alone at night
I stroll past lanes of candlelight
All the dolls they seem so strange
Inside they try to hide their pain
I turn to face my greatest fear
An empty room is someone here?
And yet the stairs seem dark and long and strange
As if they just go on for days

All my life I've tried so hard to play this game alone
Are you sure you will not lose, father?

I try to be strong forever alone
God I am lost and I'm bleeding
I cover my scars to bury the pain
Is this a life that's worth living?
I come home to find my heart in a vice
My confidence finally is broken
I find her with wings that hold her above
God I am numb and I'm shaking.

Heal the loss and heal the pain
And try to make us whole again, oh god
Give me strength to cut this flesh away