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This song is by Vangough and appears on the album Between The Madness (2013).

I take her hand in mine
It's soaked in blood
Two souls becoming one
Caught in the flood

Left without a place to hide unprotected
Deep inside this tortured mind I can hear him
Calling out his father's name
Falling, I'm falling now

Everyday still the same, learn to see and breathe
Mourning comes, still I'm numb
Lie awake as my heart slowly breaks apart

I look into her eyes, all I see are painful lies
Reflections of our unborn child, fires burning deep inside
Burning out

Nightmares flooding my mind
Black holes filling her eyes
Nightmares flooding my mind
Black holes making her blind

Find me, I'm standing in the rain
I'm calling out your name
Sinking in filth and mud
Please god erase our pain
Please make us whole again
All this life is passing by
We won't be the same again

Lie awake in this afterfall

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