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Be Not Nobody (2002)Edit

Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody
Be Not Nobody
  1. Ordinary Day
  2. Unsung
  3. A Thousand Miles
  4. Pretty Baby
  5. Rinse
  6. Sway
  7. Paradise
  8. Prince
  9. Paint It Black (cover of "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones)
  10. Wanted
  11. Twilight

Harmonium (2004)Edit

Vanessa Carlton - Harmonium
  1. White Houses
  2. Who's to Say
  3. Annie
  4. San Francisco
  5. Afterglow
  6. Private Radio
  7. Half a Week Before the Winter
  8. C'est La Vie
  9. Papa
  10. She Floats / The Wreckage (Hidden Track)
Bonus tracks on Japanese Edition
  1. Where the Streets Have No Name (cover of "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2)
  2. The Wreckage

Heroes & Thieves (2007)Edit

Vanessa Carlton - Heroes & Thieves
Heroes & Thieves
  1. Nolita Fairytale
  2. Hands On Me
  3. Spring Street
  4. My Best
  5. Come Undone
  6. The One (featuring Stevie Nicks)
  7. Heroes & Thieves
  8. This Time
  9. Fools Like Me
  10. Home
  11. More Than This

Rabbits On the Run (2011)Edit

Vanessa Carlton - Rabbits On The Run
Rabbits On The Run
  1. Carousel
  2. I Don't Want to Be a Bride
  3. London
  4. Fairweather Friend
  5. Hear the Bells
  6. Dear California
  7. Tall Tales for Spring
  8. Get Good
  9. The Marching Line
  10. In the End


I'll Wait for You (2013) SingleEdit

Vanessa Carlton - I'll Wait For You
I'll Wait for You (Single)
  1. I'll Wait for You

Young Heart (2015) SingleEdit

Vanessa Carlton - Young Heart
Young Heart (Single)
  1. Young Heart

Blue Pool (2015) EPEdit

Vanessa Carlton - Blue Pool
Blue Pool (EP)
  1. Take It Easy
  2. Blue Pool
  3. Operator (Live Living Room Session)
  4. Nothing Where Something Used to Be (Live Living Room Session)

Liberman (2015)Edit

Vanessa Carlton - Liberman
  1. Take It Easy
  2. Willows
  3. House of Seven Swords
  4. Operator
  5. Blue Pool
  6. Nothing Where Something Used to Be
  7. Matter of Time
  8. Unlock the Lock
  9. River
  10. Ascension

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