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Peace Be Still (1983)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Peace Be Still

Peace Be Still

  1. Peace Be Still
  2. Labor in Vain
  3. I Have Surrendered
  4. He's Real
  5. He Looked Beyond My Faults (And Saw My Needs)
  6. Any Way You Bless Me
  7. For God So Loved the World
  8. God, My God

Chosen (1984)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Chosen


  1. What He's Done for Me
  2. Nobody but Jesus
  3. There's a Brighter Day
  4. Teach Me Oh Lord
  5. Walk With Me
  6. Waitin' (featuring Earl Buffington)
  7. I Feel Jesus
  8. Faith That Conquers
  9. Nobody but Jesus (Reprise)
  10. He's So Real

Following Jesus (1986)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Following Jesus

Following Jesus

  1. Real Soon
  2. I'm Going Through
  3. Following Jesus
  4. He's Real
  5. Searching
  6. He's My Everything
  7. There's a Brighter Day
  8. God My God

Vanessa Bell Armstrong (1987)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Vanessa Bell Armstrong

Vanessa Bell Armstrong

  1. Pressing On
  2. You Bring Out the Best in Me
  3. Learn to Love
  4. The Denied Stone
  5. I Wanna Be Ready
  6. Always
  7. Living for You
  8. Don't Turn Your Back

Wonderful One (1989)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Wonderful One

Wonderful One

  1. So Strong
  2. Tell The World
  3. True Love Never Fails
  4. Wonderful One
  5. I'm Coming Back
  6. Count On Your Love
  7. You Make Me Wanna Love Again
  8. Without You
  9. What Shall I Render

Something on the Inside (1993)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Something on the Inside

Something on the Inside

  1. Something On The Inside
  2. Don't You Give Up
  3. Everlasting Love
  4. Ounce Of Your Love
  5. You Can't Take My Faith Away
  6. Thank Ya
  7. Father I Stretch
  8. Story Of Calvary

The Secret Is Out (1995)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - The Secret Is Out

The Secret Is Out

  1. I'm Encouraged
  2. Good News Blues
  3. I Really Love You
  4. Vanessa's Medley
  5. Tear
  6. Choose Again (featuring John P. Kee)
  7. The Secret Is Out
  8. Love Lifted Me
  9. I Am Determined
  10. Little Sister
  11. There Is Nothing
  12. 9th Month
  13. The Secret Is Out
  14. Love Lifted Me

Desire of My Heart: Live (1998)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Desire of My Heart- Live

Desire of My Heart: Live

  1. We Sing Glory
  2. Free
  3. You Alone Are Worthy
  4. Desire of My Heart
  5. Never Alone
  6. Grab Hold
  7. Yes He Loves Me
  8. He Is Lord
  9. Oil Of God
  10. Labor in Vain
  11. The Classics: Nobody But Jesus/Real/Peace Be Still

A Brand New Day (2001)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

  1. Jesus I'll Never Forget
  2. New Day
  3. Make a Way
  4. Do What He Said
  5. You've Been Good
  6. Somebody Prayed
  7. Somebody Prayed (Remix)
  8. He's Real
  9. Holding On
  10. No Failure (Interlude)
  11. No Failure
  12. Promise
  13. Shall Not Be Moved
  14. Say Goodbye

Praise & Worship (2006)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Praise & Worship

Praise & Worship

  1. We Sing Glory
  2. Wonderful One
  3. Thank Ya
  4. Living For You
  5. Yes He Loves Me
  6. Desire Of My Heart
  7. Never Alone
  8. Count On Your Love
  9. Ounce Of Your Love
  10. I Really Love You
  11. You Bring Out The Best In Me
  12. You Alone Are Worthy
  13. What Shall I Render
  14. He Looked Beyond My Faults (And Saw My Needs)

Walking Miracle (2007)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Walking Miracle

Walking Miracle

  1. Walking Miracle
  2. Seasons
  3. So Good To Me
  4. Wait
  5. Fall In Love Again
  6. Watch Me
  7. Til The Victory's Won
  8. Just Hold On
  9. It's Over Now
  10. I Just Love You

The Experience (2009)Edit

Vanessa Bell Armstrong - The Experience

The Experience

  1. Intro
  2. What He's Done For Me
  3. Hand Of The Lord
  4. Good News
  5. Help
  6. You Bring Out The Best In Me
  7. Greater
  8. Any Way You Bless Me
  9. The Blood
  10. I Will Praise You
  11. The Greatest Power (Intro)
  12. The Greatest Power
  13. I Will Praise You (Reprise)

Other songsEdit

  1. Shine On Me

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