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Desperate Hours

This song is by Van Stephenson and appears on the album Suspicious Heart (1986).

The sun goes down and the night comes up
One more round, gonna press my luck
Nobody's givin' around, you're all I see

These are the desperate hours
That everyone goes through
These are the desperate hours
I'm so desperate for you

The young professionals are linin' up
And they're twice as hungry
But only half as tough
And they don't say a word
They let their money talk
But change for a dollar is all I want

Always looking over my shoulder
Tryin' not to let it show
Love is in the hand of the holder
Once you got it
Don't let go, don't let go

Just one more dance before I go
And I'll say yes and you'll say no
And I'll go home early and
The night will end
But tomorrow, baby, I'll do it all again

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