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(We Should Be) Together Tonight

This song is by Van Stephenson and appears on the album Suspicious Heart (1986).

We knew we had a reason
To keep us in line
Emotional treason made us blind
There were so many things
That didn't get said
They were locked in my heart
And sticking in your head
And I put it in the street, you know
And took it to our bed
And it just kept going on

And it's just not right
We should be together tonight
And I will stand and fight
We should be together tonight

We knew that a good word would
Help us get by
So we tried all the ones
We knew, so long, goodbye
That was so long ago
I can hardly remember

Like the last bit of light from dying ember
Everything changes, comes back around
Sooner or later the truth comes down

We both knew it was crazy
Right from the start
Man overboard, a man at heart
Never knew I needed you so much
Loving you was easy, losing you was tough

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