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Album by Van Canto.
  1. Dawn of the Brave
  2. Fight for Your Life
  3. To the Mountains
  4. Badaboom
  5. The Final Countdown (cover of "The Final Countdown" by Europe)
  6. Steel Breaker
  7. The Awakening
  8. The Other Ones
  9. Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler cover)
  10. Unholy
  11. My Utopia
  12. Into the West (cover of "Into the West" by Annie Lennox)
  13. Paranoid (cover of "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath)

Bonus tracks (deluxe edition)Edit

  1. If I Die in Battle (orchestral version)
  2. My Voice (orchestral version)
  3. Take to the Sky (orchestral version)
  4. Neuer Wind (Jovian Spin remix)
  5. Lost Forever (acoustic version)
  6. Last Night of the Kings (choir version)
  7. Fight For Your Life (karaoke version)

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