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Album by Van Canto.
  1. If I Die in Battle
  2. The Seller of Souls
  3. Primo Victoria (cover of "Primo Victoria" by Sabaton) (featuring Joakim Brodén from Sabaton)
  4. Dangers in My Head
  5. Black Wings of Hate (Fading Starlight cover)
  6. Bed of Nails (cover of "Bed Of Nails" by Alice Cooper)
  7. Spelled in Waters (featuring Marcus Siepen from Blind Guardian)
  8. Neuer Wind
  9. The Higher Flight
  10. Master of the Wind (cover of "Master Of The Wind" by Manowar)

Bonus tracksEdit

  1. Betrayed
  2. Bad to the Bone
  3. A Storm to Come

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