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​You Could Never Have My Heart

This song is by Valentine Wolfe and appears on the album The Nightingale: A Gothic Fairytale (2015).

My last night has come too soon
So much work is left undone
So many songs I had yet to sing
And tales I longed to tell

But the light is quickly fading
My breath is leaving me
I have strength for one more curse
I'll let my captors know

You could never have my heart
Never touch my soul
You never even came this close
To finding the real me

You can keep your poisoned lies
Your poisoned thieving hands
I've got a one way ticket
To leave your poisoned hell

A dark shadow welcomes me
Into his close embrace
He whispers just beside my ear
Tonight I will be safe

With this curse I'll leave you wretched
Flailing useless after me
Hearing just a fragment now
But never my full song

If my shade can haunt this garden
If I leave something behind
As the saying goes
May you get what you desire