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Precious Moments

This song is by Valentine Wolfe and appears on the album The Nightingale: A Gothic Fairytale (2015).

Precious moments
All I have
When the night is dark
Making music
For the night
Sadness from my heart

Fate has brought me to this place I never thought to be
I wrap my arms around myself to try to give me peace
But any feelings bubbling up from deep inside of me
Must explode so quietly that no one else can see

Precious moments
When my heart beats
To the rhythm
Of the darkest night
Precious moments
All alone now
No one sharing
My forlorn melody

I don't want them knowing what this place has done to me
I won't let them see how much their ways are killing me
I wasn't meant to live this way and now the truth comes out
I'm thinking thoughts too dark to let the light back in my mind

The path of least resistance will not ever set me free
The power to take action is so deep inside of me
It's time for me to let it loose and set that darkness free
To work its wicked magic on this twisted poisoned world

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