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Moonlight Prayer

This song is by Valentine Wolfe and appears on the album The Nightingale: A Gothic Fairytale (2015).

Why me?
Why now?
The sweat is dripping off my brow...
Why this?
Why indeed?
No one will answer this for me!

Moonlight, now wash over me
Moonlight, you must comfort me
Let my earthly cares fade into nothingness this night
I will sing until my breath
Leaves me at the last moment
I will cling to shadows till the end

So little time left to me
So many dreams left undreamed
So much pain is welling up
Inside my heart tonight

This treachery from within
Undoing all my hopes
Leaving me bereft
Leaving me to die

Thou wast not born for death
Immortal bird or waking dream
Fled is that music
Do I wake or sleep

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