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Her Ladyship's Remedy

This song is by Valentine Wolfe and appears on the album Musick Most Dark (2012).

"Jealousy pricks at my heart like a knife. Your face is all I see. My heart stops at the thought of
What you choose over me."

1. One drop for dexterity
2. Two drops for purity
3. Three will bring the sleeping death
4. Four brings out the crimson rain

-Eye of newt
-Toe of frog
-Howlet's wing (colors swimming in the air)
-Adder's fork
-Blindworm's sting (I start to hallucinate)

"Poison is the leveler, the judge who sits upon the court of infidelity and rage passing sentence
On us all."

Give it to a man who doesn't understand how to please a lover, how not to break a heart. If he's out of line, watch him drink it down.
It works just like a charm!

Ladies often have different sets of needs. What may work for one is disaster for her friend
Differing amounts
Different results
The Charm's full Potency!

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