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Country Man (1972)Edit

Valdy - Country Man
Country Man
  1. Country Man
  2. Place at the Table
  3. A Good Song
  4. MM-MM-MM-MM
  5. Rainmaker
  6. Rock and Roll Song
  7. Hello Mr. Record Man
  8. See How The Years Have Gone By
  9. Goin Down Slow
  10. Bruce and the Green Stock
  11. Goin' to the Country
  12. Country Man

Family Gathering (1974)Edit

Valdy - Family Gathering
Family Gathering
  1. Intro
  2. City Musician
  3. Rock and Roll Song
  4. Hello Mr. Record Man
  5. Blue Canadian Rockies
  6. Les Paul
  7. One in the Spirit
  8. Let Go of Me/Simple Life
  9. Renaissance
  10. Ode to Wilf Carter
  11. Proud to Make a Living
  12. Johnny
  13. Hero
  14. Take Time to Love
  15. Here We Come and Here We Go

Valdy and The Hometown Band (1976)Edit

Valdy - Valdy and The Hometown Band
Valdy and The Hometown Band
  1. Come On My Canada
  2. Yes I Can
  3. Cold Water Castle
  4. Old Home Place
  5. Me and Martin
  6. Weather'd Hands
  7. Peter and Lou
  8. Everyone of Them has Known the Sea
  9. Blister
  10. Hometown Band
  11. Sometimes I Cant Believe
  12. Allons Mon Canada

Additional information

Real name:

Valdy is a performance name for Paul Valdemar Horsdal.

Valdy was a member of:
  • London Town Criers
  • The Prodigal Sons
Related artists:
Record labels:

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