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This song is by Vakill and appears on the album The Darkest Cloud (2003).


I'm a harbinger of death with a flow otherworldly
Cancer cluster that wasn't discovered early
Shittin on you till your body covered thoroughly
My quotes cockblock throats
Till MC's unable to respond
Like I just told a homeless person a knock knock joke
Malicious; tattooed F.U.N. on my dick
For "Fuck You Niggaz" while I poke fun at yo' bitch
Leavin' spitters missin' vowels, shitters disemboweled
The last one you clearly wouldn't doubt
Niggaz won't consider dissin now
Fuck punchlines and metaphors; I settle wars
Spittin' darts till puncture wounds look like an extra set of pores
I'm morally sick and auspicious, all vicious
Quick to jaw bitches till they chin hit the ground like drawbridges
Potnah, yo' whole style Ichabod Crane
I'm leavin' all you riders headless when I squeeze off these Sleepy Hollows
And pick apart brains, blow to smidgens
My shit on point like infrared scopes strapped on the ass of homing pigeons

"It ain't nothin'.." "It's simple ain't it? But quite clever"
"I'm the sickest"